We are open Monday-Friday during the pandemic.  

If you would like to help with making lunches or by making donations of cash or freezable food, please reach out through the CONTACT page on this website and we will respond as quickly we can. 

We do not need any more onsite volunteers at this time. 

How We Started The Refuge!

One Sunday morning during prayer before church Pastor René felt the Lord saying that TOTCM would have a ministry that would care for the homeless and drug addicted that would be called the Refuge.  The church decided to begin vision meetings that went no where.  Several months later on a very cold and stormy winters day, Pastor stepped into her nice warm building and decided that it was ridiculous to have all of this space sit empty while people were struggling and cold.   So she called Rob Montgomery into her office and told him we would be opening our doors the following week.  They went into high gear preparing for a one day a week respite from the elements.  While Pastor René was on a weekend getaway, Covid hit full force and the shut down began.  Without a second thought, she called for the Refuge to open its doors five days a week to make sure our friends had a warm place to be and meals every day.  Many sacrifices have been made by many people to ensure the safety of our friends that visit the Refuge, and it has been well worth it.   We have continued to serve our community in this way and  also partner with Cycles of Life to hand out bagged lunches every Saturday.  We have been able to partner with others to help several homeless find homes during this outbreak.   All of our services are free and run by many volunteers.  See below for a comprehensive list of the services we offer.  We will be expanding our services in our new building once the construction is complete.  The Refuge will provide breakfast and lunch five days a week in a diner setting, showers, hair salon services, larger laundry facilities, and much more.  See below for a complete list of the services we currently provide. 


Our Lead Minister for The Refuge

Rob Montgomery has completely overcome years of chronic addiction and now has boots on the ground bringing the same hope and freedom  to others that are still suffering!

 Listen to Rob share his heart for the Refuge below!

There is an amazing team of volunteers working along side Rob, each of them with their own story and so much love for our friends!

Lead Minister for the Refuge

Rob Montgomery

Caring for our communities most vulnerable is important to us!

We believe in making a difference in our own community.  We love beyond the walls of our church.  We reach out and love those that Jesus came for: the hurting, the sick, the weak, the fatherless, the lost, the broken etc.

At The Refuge, we care for those currently experiencing homelessness and active drug addiction.

When we look at these precious people, we see someone's child, someone's mom, dad, sister, brother etc.

We see value based on the fact that they were created in the likeness and image of God just like you and I were. 

We see potential.  We see a promise.  We see purpose.

"I recall being in Walmart watching a little girl about 6 years old twirling so carefree, not a problem in the world.  Immediately I thought of the precious ones at The Refuge.  That used to be them.  They too deserve to find that carefree, loved and secure inner child.  And I choose to be part of their healing. No matter what, they will receive love here, they will find peace here, they will find family here." -Pastor René McIntyre

Currently The Refuge is open every Wednesday from 8am-4pm and Sunday mornings before church at 8am for a light breakfast @ 425 Dundas St. Woodstock.



While we do offer classes, no one is required to take them to receive our help, love or support.



What we offer to those experiencing homelessness and current drug addiction:

  • Breakfast and lunch every week day
  • Laundry facility first come first serve, last load at 2:30pm
  • Sunday's light breakfast from 8am-10am (cancelled until later notice)
  • Court Support
  • Limited practical needs ex. sleeping bags, coats, hats, mitts, hot paws, etc
  • Support and resources for those ending incarceration
  • Personal mentorship for those wishing to overcome addition and poverty
  • Assistance facilitating family reconciliation
  • Help finding the resources they need
  • Footcare by Divine Footcare


  • Larger laundry facilities, hair salon services, showers, dine- in kitchen, wound care

We have purchased the former Hudson's furniture store! This building will become the home of our new church and the new home of The Refuge. We will be releasing our lease at 425 Dundas once this is completed.  Our new building will give us the room to continue to grow as a congregation and also to have a bigger and more accommodating space for The Refuge. We will be able to expand our service to the vulnerable sector of our community.  In our new building we will add more laundry facilities, showers, a fully equipped kitchen and separate eating space as well as providing a bigger area for resting, fellowshipping and playing games for The Refuge.

If you would like to help by donating time, supplies, services or money please go to the GIVE ONLINE button and specify Building Fund or Refuge.  You can also send cheques to Trumpet Of Truth to 425 Dundas St. Woodstock Ont N4S 1B8.  To arrange donating services and supplies please contact Pastor Rene at [email protected] or 226-228-5879.


We are thrilled to serve in this way and we are thrilled to have people partner with us that provide provisions for the vision.  Working together gets the job done! 

Charitable Tax Receipts will be given.

Our fundraising goal is $700,000

This building has required a complete gutting.  Currently we are nearing the end of the demolition and will be ready to begin the next phase soon.

 We will be having rear entrance and exit as well as a small courtyard in the back to keep Dundas Street free of loitering in respect of all of the amazing businesses on Dundas!