“What a joy it is to walk in freedom, and what a privilege it is to lead others to the freedom we have found in Christ!”

-Pastor René McIntyre

Lead facilitators René McIntyre and Ruth Crosier

Freedom Walkers

Freedom Walkers is our signature approach to Deliverance Ministry!  We offer Freedom Walkers in conference or seminar form. 

Our break out conference is called 


 You can contact us through the submission form or by calling the office.

We have a team of anointed facilitators all of which have proven the principles we teach in our Freedom Walkers seminars by walking out what we preach!

Freedom Walkers exposes many of the main reasons Christians continue to live in bondage instead of living the life of freedom Christ died to give us.  

Our signature tool is called the 9 R's.

The 9 R's have helped change the lives of many christians.

Interested in hosting a freedom walkers conference or seminar?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us through the contact page of this site.

Personal Freedom Walker Sessions can be booked through the contact page or by contacting Pastor Ruth Crosier

[email protected]